Viamont Oy

Viamont Oy - ListaYkkönen as trademark ('ProfileLeader') - is a producer of plastic finishing mouldings for inside and outside purposes. Viamont was founded in 1993. We make high quality plastic mouldings for the needs of of the construction industry in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and the Baltic countries.  Our company has specialised in the production of combination mouldings - so-called co-extrusion technique. 

All our raw materials come from leading western suppliers, so we guarantee you the best quality products at all times.


Aaro Ahvenranta


Viamont Oy

Tekeväntie 11, FI-18300 HEINOLA
Tel.: +358 3714 4092 
Fax: +358 3714 4592
Mobile: +358 40 861 8962

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