Installation instructions and pictures

Skirting, soft profiles

Soft skirtings like e.g. JL 40 as well as stairnoses - eg. AK 31 - drip mouldings etc. are fixed with contact adhesive or with double-sided self-adhesive tape.

A crooked or bent moulding can be straightnened when warmed up carefully with a warm-air heater. Pay attention to the distance between the profile and the machine- do not warm the profile too close or too long time !

Skirting, rigid profiles

The skirtings JL 40 V, JL 60 V, JL 65 V etc. are fixed with a screw or nails or, like the wood mouldings, with glue.

STOP 38 Profile

STOP 38 Profile is suitable in eg. staircases, or in places where special attention has to be paid for low / high levels or sharp / narrow corners etc.



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light grey I NEW
light grey II
dark grey
"cold" beige
"warm" beige
light brown
dark green
dark brown
banana yellow NEW
orange NEW
light red NEW
dark red NEW
light green NEW
olive green NEW

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